Description du projet

A festival is, in effect, a small town within a city, often attracting thousands of people and multiplying the local population by a significant factor, thus the festival has a significant economic impact on its surroundings during a given period: from accommodation to transport (public and private), catering, and shopping, many local businesses are often collateral beneficiaries of these events.

A festival, depending on its size, also helps to create a dynamic in terms of employment – direct or indirect. It also shines a light on its surroundings and can be a smart way to increase awareness of or even of discovering a city, a region, or a beautiful, natural site, or even the architectural and historical heritage of a city (as personfied by Les Nuits Sonores in Lyon and Les Electropicales in Reunion). Sometimes, a majority of its audience comes from abroad and discovers a city for the first time, as in the case of Worldwide in Sète, where 70% of festival goers come from around Europe.

The current situation is both more competitive and ever less officially funded, forcing some festivals to join forces with tourism operators in order to develop an attractive and original offer that will breed loyalty amongst festival-goers.

Festivals in France are strongly linked to the country’s culture, so could France’s foreign diplomatic missions working abroad, such as the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, help to create a way to develop a different dimension to our many national festivals?

Panelists :

  • France : Boris Picq and Gilles Peterson (Worldwide Festival), Benoit Allirol (Director of the Hadra association / Hadra Festival),
  • Brazil : Pedro Nonato (Partner and Directer International of the Rio Music Conference, Rio Music Carnival et MMLive Productions), Robson Camillo (Responsable Géneral du Réseau des Centres Culturels de la Secrétaire de Culture de la Ville de Rio de Janeiro)
  • North Africa : Marjana Jaidi (The Oasis Festival Marrakech), Raya Ben Guiza (RP Tunisie, Dunes Électroniques), Yan Degorce (Dunes Électroniques),
  • Tour operaters : Tarek Lassadi – Traveltodo (Tunisie), David Mascorda – Destination Clubbing (France),
  • Ministries of tourism

Moderator : Nick DeCosemo (Global Editorial Director, MixMag)

Location: Welcome City Lab, world’s first tourism start-up incubator.