Description du projet

Asia : state of the nations and paths to development.

As part of the cultural exchange between France and Korea initiated by the Institute Française in 2015, we offer you a focus on the Asian electronic scene: DJs, producers and French and Asian event organisers will be reflecting on the development and promotion of electronic music in an Asian context which is currently dominated by K-pop, the region’s biggest musical export.

Concrete’s Barge, so emblematic of the best of Parisian nightlife, will host an event where each guest country (Korea, China, Singapore) will present an overview of its electronic scene from its beginnings to where it is today, its structure and the possibilities of government support, its leading players, and its international connections. Each of three Asian scenes will be thoroughly explained by a major player from that country.

The specific case of techno will also be addressed, and the lack of diversity of electronic music in the Asian context due to the domination of EDM.

Panelists :

  • ZhiQi of Peking (China), director of the Beijing Sonic Festival / Shadow Play Festival
  • Soolee of Seoul (Korea), Underground techno producer and DJ/ Head Label manager Less’n less / More than less records / Head of Less’n Less Agency / Club Vurt owner
  • Kavan Spruyt (Singapore), head of bookings Club kyo, Co-founder of house/techno label Midnight Shift
  • Brice Coudert (programmer Concrete, Weather Festival)

Moderator : Charles Chu (directer Revival Agency)

Ableton Masterclass

  • Ben Vedren
  • Soolee

Location : Concrete Barge