Description du projet

North Africa, state of the nations and paths to development.

The North African countries have opened-up to electronic music with the youth of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco eager to discover the electronic sounds and cultures that have conquered the world. The fact that European festivals have also started co-operating with local organisers, such as Nuits Sonores in Tangier and Dunes Electroniques in Tunisia, has helped move the scene forward.


In Morocco, the fast-growing scene is helped by the Ministry of Culture through its support of the project MEMM (Moroccan Electronic Music Movement) founded by Amin K, also the founder of the first Moroccan electronic festival, State of Mind – which aims to unite and help the local scene and to encourage musical exports.

Although Tunisia is home to a public that loves electronic music, local artists are less known and relationships with the cultural authorities less developed. Nonetheless, the Ministry of Tourism of Tunisia and the Arab World Institute led by Jack Lang supported the second edition of the Dunes Electroniques.

In Algeria, the scene is still in its infancy. Born of an interest in house music and a growing interest in trance, which started in the early 2000s. It has since spread to the wider public, who, alongside the country’s electronic pioneers, are waiting for just one thing: a genuine mainstream breakthrough.


In order to show the best of this scene, the Paris Electronic Week has invited artists and event organisers to explain what is happening in the North African electronic scene, how it works, its economy and its growth. Each speaker will talk about the situation in their own country and then discuss how to encourage further growth with the representatives of the local Ministries of Culture.


Panelists :


  • Tunisia : Zied Meddeb Hamrouni (DJ/producer), Skander (DJ/producer), Afif Riahi (organiser of B2B event E-Fest)
  • Morocco : Amine K (DJ, producer and founder of the collective Moroko Loko), Oda Simi (DJ/producer)
  • Algeria : Sid Ali Baziz (DJ/producer, radio AlgerOne)
  • Representatives of Ministries of Culture


Moderater : Smael Bouaici (A Nous Paris)


Location : Institut du Monde Arabe

Schedule : 16h00 à 18h00