Description du projet

Salon : presentation of the best of Parisian start-ups –
Highlighting innovation in sectors related to electronic culture by offering French startups a showcase and networking opportunities enabling them to pursue their goals and to meet potential collaborators.

Brought to you by four standout companies (Ableton, Pioneer, Beatport), these demos, masterclasses and networking sessions will be held in the elegant salons of City Hall, where innovations and new creations in the field of electronic music will be the focus.

Get Played, Get Paid : when technology works to get artists paid properly –

In the era of digital overkill, the question of fair remuneration for artists has become a major issue requiring an urgent response, as illustrated by the recent showdown between Taylor Swift and Apple or the launch of Jay Z’s Tidal.

Technologies have been developed that today ensure the correct payment of copyrights to electronic artists, in a way never seen since the invention of club music. Companies like Trax Air can identify, protect and locate the copyrights of the artists when their songs are played, whether it’s on social networks or in a club, or at a festival. So can an algorithm-based music recognition service really help young artists, who are so often poorly protected, poorly informed, and poorly regarded? Is this a viable future? PEW brings together the various players, including copyright specialists through to innovative software inventors, to try to understand the issues and the solutions that the different payment mechanisms offer.

Panelists :

Mark Lawrence (CEO of AFEM)
Stéphane de Saint Louvent (Co-founder Trax Air)
Yuri Dokter (Dj Monitor)
Moderator : Jonty Skrufff (DJ, producer, journalist)

Status, training and development work, how and why is the current music industry changing? –

En cours

Michel Bosseau, Directeur d’Issoudin


“ Sub-Saharan Africa : state of the nations and paths to development.”

Paris Electronic Week invites artists and event organisers to explore and better understand the African electronic scene, how it functions, its economy and how and where it is spreading.

Currently booming, the African scene is both strong and diverse, but it nevertheless faces very different challenges from region to region. Conditions vary from the highly structured South African scene now known throughout the world thanks to Black Coffee and Die Antwoord, through to Angola’s kuduro, popular in many countries thanks to Lisbon being its European launch pad, the influence of the African electronic scene is growing exponentially. Some countries are having an easier time of it than others, like Ethiopia with an underground scene where producers follow in the footsteps of Kode9 using whatever equipment is available – but also with help from Ableton, and the Ivory Coast, a source of genuine innovation in dance music.

PEW will be looking at the big picture of these inspired and innovative scenes as they take their place on the global dance floor.

Panelists :

Dj Puto X (DJ/producer – France-Angola-Brazil) – Label – We The Feeling
Zaza Twins (DJ/producer – France-Ivory Coast) – Label – Zaza Twins
Frédéric Galliano (DJ/producer – France) – Label – Frikyiwa
Mikael Seifu (Ethiopie) or Endeguena Mulu (Ethiopie)
Moderator : Guiom Huret

The Media : the radical changes imposed by social networks on electronic music media –

From a time when vinyl was king, dance music has now moved to digital files and streaming: DJs are no longer mixing in the same way and people on the dance floor no longer discover music in the same way as in the days of disco and acid house. Inevitably, the media following in this digital wake also had to adapt as forms of electronic music like house, techno, dubstep et al continue to follow the latest technological developments and the accompanying mores.

Representatives of magazines, fanzines, and webzines will bear witness to the enormous influence of social networks on them (the famous Facebook groups for find ing Track IDs, the indispensable and essential YouTube clip, videos of parties posted by the DJ, Mixcloud, etc.) and will discuss how they have adapted their approach and how they process electronic music in an era of self-promotion and specialised blogs.

Panelists :

Etienne Menu (Audimat),
Manaré (Rinse),
Antoine Buffard (Trax),
Olivier Dutertre (TheSoundYouNeed),
Nick DeCosemo (Global Editorial Director, MixMag)
Moderator : Jean-Paul Deniaud (Trax)