Description du projet

Techno Parade


To open the third edition of the Paris Electronic Week, the rendezvous for all electronic music fans is Saturday, Sept. 19 at the Techno Parade. A new route has been planned for this year with a departure at Port Royal and arrival at Place de la République. Fifteen floats and some 350,000 fans are expected to march through the streets of Paris.


Seoul Bam!


The Korean electronic scene in the spotlight with a float at the Parade and the Seoul Bam! evening.

After Vietnam in 2014, the 2015 edition of the Techno Parade on September 19 will host Korea as its guest country.

K-pop as personified by Psy and Gangnam Style has been a huge success in France, but Seoul Bam!, hosted by three artists from Seoul’s thriving electronic scene will show the French public another, very different kind of Korean music. The festivities will continue with a party at a club in the capital.


The event is organised as part of France-Korea Year 2015-2016





SOOLEE (Seoul)