Haris Custovic

DJ & Producteur

Haris Custovic (classically trained audio artist, video maker) has been playing acoustic music instruments as well as synthesisers since childhood, made tracks, written songs and orchestral pieces, played in bands, got involved in electronic music in mid 80’s, managed audio studios and founded Laus Records in 2000 – a label that, as well as others, has released many of Haris’ productions on 12” vinyl. He to date has over 100 original releases, remixes and compilation licences.

Achieving a masters degree in Sound Arts at London’s University of Arts pushed him to take his creative work further in slightly experimental, yet current electro-acoustic direction. With the goal of conquering fresh frontiers of sonic expression, he has been busy working music concepts that explore human performance, organic sound and it’s interaction with new technologies – techniques of sound transformation and it’s fusion with purely synthetic audio material.

Haris is also a skilled and versatile DJ. His music sets are fluidly pieced, dynamic combos of pulsating polyrhythms, rolling bass lines and sequences, smooth melodic and vocal lines. Forward pushing, uplifting, emotive and deep on different levels, this is a contrasted, dynamic and energetic music experience. Haris performed at numerous prestige stages across the globe, was a guest DJ on many major music stations and has been exposed in well known music mags worldwide.

Haris is a creator of audiovisual content where he explores links between sound and picture. Apart from exploring contemporary music aesthetics and know-how technicalities of various music genres and their styles, Haris is very much interested in the why – actively exploring influence of music on culture and it’s lifestyle, and vice versa. Custovic is also busy as a lecturer, currently supporting new talent by delivering content that is a part of a well known BA Degree in Audio Production at London’s SAE. At times, Haris works as a composer writing for major publishers such as Audio Network and Universal.