Petar Dundov

DJ & Producteur

If we are talking about electronic music and techno, Peter Dundov is one of the most talented Croatian authors in his talent, music track and record label, and certainly belongs to the very top of musical export products. As a DJ and live performer in clubs and festivals all over the world (Berghain, Tresor, DC 10, Womb, Fuse, Melt, Time Warp, Awakenings, Labyrinth, Dimensions, Unsound, I Love Techno, Exit, Rainbow Serpent Festival, ). Nowadays he has a large number of 12 « singles, and five solo albums, which, according to many critics, elevated the techno music to a higher degree, so his harmonious techno was compared to works by composers such as Phillip Glass or Jean Michela Jarre. The kind of evolution of techno music in Petar’s interpretation is particularly apparent in his albums « Escapements », « Ideas from the Pond », « Sailing Off the Grid » and the latest At The Turn of Equilibrium published on the cult Belgian label Music Man.